Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Changes, and other bits and bobs.

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

The previous post was about changes from the commercial manager of Ipswich Buses confirmed via email that there are some changes, to get larger vehicles out on routes during busy routes when the rush-hour. The main answer is a 'monoscopic' OK for the busy hospital route, the 5; normally, it would be a E200 doing the 5, but from 7th, it was a double-decker working.

Some other news which does include Ipswich Buses, this morning, I gained some news that Ipswich Buses isn't convinced if Leyland Atlantean 9 will be coming during the Summer Bus Tour 2019. 9 returned to the 2018 Summer Bus Tour during the last day of the extremely hot summer we had, but when we had rain on the eventual Wednesday before the last day of the Summer Bus Tour, 41 took over and IB claimed 9 had a failure when it didn't.

Also, First Ipswich are increasing bus tariffs later during the month of January (13th) and are persuading more customers to use their services using digital tickets; but the good broadcast is that they are freezing tariffs for weekly, monthly and annual tickets. The increase on a typical fare will rise to either 10p or 20p and that is the same of return journeys. The same procedure will also occur on Park & Ride services which operates between London Road P&R and Martlesham Heath P&R. 

Its certainly obvious that between the two main rivals of Ipswich Buses and First Ipswich have risen their fares as this is due to fuel rocketing through the roof, and wanting to invest in more environmentally and more fuel efficient diesel buses; it would be nice to have hybrid buses as well - even London are getting rid of some E400's which some are hybrid! 

And for First Ipswich, I don't think they'll get new buses anytime soon as they have 2003/5 B7TL's, 2005 B7RLE's, and 2008 B7RLE's, and a few E200's.
72, YN56NVD broken-down, awaitng for the spare bus

Ipswich Transport Museum update:

  • The floors are being grinded and will gain new coats of paint to look fresh for the official opening day on March 17th.
  • Dennis the bus is having a repaint from blue to green to match and identify the Ipswich Buses old colour scheme and new coated brown floor. 
  • 1880 Cambridge horse tram is almost accomplished but might not go on display on the main hall during the 2019 season, as we ain't certain as the museum would have to move half of the museum - its a 50/50 possibility. 
  • The hearse is receiving attention in the restoration hall.
  • The shop is to gain some extra shelves.

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