Thursday 28 January 2021

IB update

Ipswich Buses, the Suffolk muncipal bus operator has invested in the second-hand market for more ADL saloons, the upcoming one which I’ve heard about is KX58GUW and it was brand-new to Marble Arch, London in late 2008 of the bus operator NCP Services (NSL) which went defunct on 13th November 2009 as the firm was sold to Transdev London. The other recently purchased and repainted vehicles are from Northern Ireland which are re-registered, Prentice Westwood, West Calder which is Scotland, Beestons of Hadleigh, Tanat Valley of Oswestry, plus Autocar of Tonbridge. 

Here is the newest fleet list of the recently acquired E200’s. 

  1. IB. 70, YX59BZL - NEW to Mid-Wales Travel, Penrhyncoch in January 2010

  2. IB. 71, LX58LMO - NEW to Bus Eireann, Ireland in 2009

  3. IB. 72, LX58LMM - NEW to Bus Eireann, Ireland in 2009

  4. IB. 73, YX59BZN - New to Mid-Wales Travel, Penrhyncoch in January 2010

  5. IB. 74, DU60LOJ - New to Lloyd, Machynlleth in December 2010 as LC60WYN

  6. IB. 75, GD10MVM - New to Autocar, Five Oak Green, Tonbridge in April 2010 as AC10BUS

  7. IB. 76, LX58LML - New to Bus Eireann, Ireland in 2009

  8. IB. 83, KX58GUW - New to NCP (NSL) Services, Marble Arch, London in December 2008

Also in other local news that YJ60KGX (68) Scania N230UD engine/Optare Olympus is now at its new home in Autocar, Five Oak Green, Tonbridge in all-over white with Autocar logo. 

Optare Versa’s 146/47 has departed the Ipswich Buses fleet (December 2020) and are having a hopeful new lease of life in their new areas with the same operator. 

  1. YK08EPC and YK08EPD is now with Tanat Valley of Oswestry, Shropshire.  

Ipswich Buses also acquired three retrofitted (Euro6) OmniCity deckers from Transdev, London. 

  1. IB. 46, SGZ3346 - New to London United/Transdev in June 2008 as YN08MRV

  2. IB. 47, SGZ3347 - New to London United/Transdev in June 2008 as YN08MRX

  3. IB. 48, SGZ3348 - New to London United/Transdev in June 2008 as YN08MRY

Aso, former OmniCities 46 (YR61RPX) and 47 (YR61RVA) is now at Borderbus, Beccles and have since been re-plated. 

Buses repainted from the ‘battenburg livery’ into the newest livery are: 

  1. IB.153/154/155 Mercedes-Benz Citaro O295 C2

  2. IB.241/245 Optare Solo M920 (241) & M950 (245)

  3. IB.78/79/80/81 (Nacton Nippers) ADL E200s (63/14 reg)

  4. IB.101/102/105 (16/66-reg)

This is a rather rudimental Ipswich Buses fleet update with the current occurrences from last year to this day (January 28th 2021)

Thursday 7 May 2020


The first time I travelled on the brand-new intercity train was during February 2020, from Colchester to Ipswich, just a random day and thought it was a great opportunity to try a new intercity product. 

I boarded the cutting-edge Class 745 and first impressions were outstanding already even before I sat down, it ticked all boxes from door operation controls to instant acceleration and braking. First impression was the layout of the intercity train which was massive indeed with walk-through interiors which is splendid for lots of customers without touching buttons or those sensitive versions you'd find on the foregoing MK3's. 

Perhaps I have my personal opinion on contrasted things in trains nowadays - like other rail enthusiasts - the cafe bar area was a bit too small for my liking whereas the foregoing MK3's were picture-perfect for room and space for cafe bar employees serving drinks, confectionery to customers. 

A very long train which means lots more seats for customers, walk-through train and a new train. 

  1. Spacious train
  2. More seats
  3. Decent toilet space. 
  4. Adequate legroom.
  5. Automated capacity screens and destination screens on interior. 
  6. Instant acceleration and braking. 
  7. Easy walk-through
  8. Free WiFi - USB Sockets. 
  9. Decent sized luggage racks


  1. You tall enough to hit your head on overhead racks.
  2. Cafe bar is rather small. 
  3. If one of cars in faulty, whole train needs to be taken out. 
  4. Seats are a tiny bit firm, but not too bad.
  5. Bike space. 

Overall score: 8.3/10

Greater Anglia, very impressive!

Tuesday 14 April 2020


It seems to be somewhat true that municipal and Suffolk-based bus company Ipswich Buses have recently acquired Mercedes-Benz Citaro's which are going to postdate existing DAF Lowlander DB250LF's 
Myself personally when I first heard of this in February I immediately thought the Versas would be vanishing from Ipswich Buses, yet in April, a wonderful person who lives in Buckinghamshire who knows a few drivers in Ipswich; has said it's DB250's (Lowlanders) and according to another wonderful bloke who lives in Ipswich put a small post confirming this which is was from General Manager of Ipswich Buses.
Looking at this information, it seems that Optare Tempo SR buses 94 - 99 will be vanishing from the 13 routes and exchanging onto 8 routes, whilst these second-hand Citaro's could be employed on 13 routes. 
Now Trentbarton & Knichbus (Sister company) are part of the Wellglade which is a transport group based in Heanor, Derbyshire. 

CREDITS: Chiltern Transport Productions & Jezza (HonestIpswich) who are great people. 

Please stay safe out there!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Local Bus News in Ipswich

Welcome to a blog, as I start with Ipswich Buses with murmurs. This is recent and these could be happening, more Mercedes-Benz Citaro could be arriving to the Ipswich Buses fleet to replace either of the following: Optare Versas or Daf Lowlanders/Scania OmniDekka buses. The news doesn’t stop there, also being recently said that Optare Olympus 68 could be leaving and it’s replacement might be a E400 MMC diesel. This could happen around May 2020 when it’s the corporations' 70th birthday of their first motor bus which is located at the Ipswich Transport Museum (ADX1 - 1950). Could these rumours be genuine as two people have said this, well, three to be speaking truthfully. 6 or even 9 Citaro buses from Knichbus, part of Trent.
More of these types!

Also, with more Ipswich Buses news is that no more repaints haven’t been happening freshly, due to lack of monies in their finances as a few buses require fresh new livery like the E200’s for example as they have mixed colors along the skirts, it needs to be freshened like 81 and 82. 

Plaxton President 25 has been sold at long last, which the duties has passed to Scania 60 for the morning/late-afternoon 914 and mid-morning/afternoon 15’s. Also trainer bus 85 has also left the fleet, with sisters 84/86. But Scottish Dart 137 still rides on the 97/111/116 services. 

For Eastern Counties, accident damage victim 32494 is in Great Yarmouth for stripping before scrapyard, whilst replacement bus 32475 has received 32494’s engine and gearbox which is apparently new; the bus will make an appearance in Ipswich in the coming weeks but in brand-new Ipswich Red’s scheme. 

Sunday 8 December 2019


Municipal bus operator Ipswich Buses has yet examined another demonstrator, a representative diesel-powered ADL E200 MMC which was on route 12, Saturday 7th December around 12-ish, and was spotted on Twitter. As I knew this demonstrator was approaching preparatory to Christmas, I quickly rushed out of the flat and directly onto Scania OmniCity 41 which had an appalling crack on the upper-deck window, looked seriously bad indeed, but whilst entering the Princess Street bridge, I saw the E200 MMC and thought to myself, ‘I want a ride like yesterday’, but fantastically, the buses were rerouted to Civic Drive instead of going via Buttermarket due to car parking mayhem. 
YX19ONV at Tower Ramparts

Once on the E200, 12:35 departure but late, first reactions was impressive both exterior and interior wise, chrome-wheels, matchless; however on the move, the interior was even more superior with beautiful flooring, comfortable leather seats, USB charging points, three squared glass roofs, and push buttons at almost every individual seat on the bus, so it's basically sumptuousness comfort creatures. Talking of the bell, it was, err, quite loud speaking truthfully.

Also, on Saturdays and it’s getting somewhat common for one double-decker to be seen on route 8, as 7th December it was Lowlander 54. Between Monday to Friday, a double-decker can be seen doing this route in the morning. 
IB 54 ar Whitehouse Asda

Noted in the Cornhill was ex-Metrobus of Crawley (6473) Scania OmniDekka N94UD YN53RYB which is converted into a Deliveroo bus.  
Ex-Metrobus, now a 'deliveroo' bus

Eastern Counties 32481, AU53HJY is the latest bus to be repainted into the Ipswich Red’s livery. 


Wednesday 23 October 2019


Welcome to another post on the Central Suffolk Bus Blog, and as promised, I have another post with some photos.

On Saturday 19th October is when some changes came into force with Simonds and Ipswich Buses taking over Galloways routes of Diss and Debenham; with that, on Saturday, I collected the 09:20 departure in the direction of Diss which was a mid-size Enviro 200 with a fantastic bus driver which apparently used to work for Galloway European as he was telling the other passengers. The E200 I caught was MX13BAU which was brand-new to Padarn Bus with ceased operation in 2014 and based in Llanberis, Gwynedd which then the bus passed to Express Motors in 2014 and that besides ended operation in 2017 and based in Wales also, since then, the bus has a innovative operator since, Simonds of Diss, Norfolk. 
MX13BAU at Diss

From Ipswich to Diss, unquestionably fantastic trip including some of the chocolate-box settlements like Mendlesham for example, so much beautiful greenery and scenery at the identical time, it was a good journey, but I also did it before when Galloway done the route. Notwithstanding this decent trip to Norfolk, a dipstick told me that I wouldn’t have any connections when I arrive into Diss, and the answer was: yes there was, what the underworld are you talking about?

Arrival into Diss, I took a look around the town centre and had a quick look around Diss museum which is fantastic with all of the old beer bottles and yes, they were a bit expensive.

I boarded the 13:50 Simonds service to Bury St Edmunds which was a MCV=bodied mated with a Volvo B7RLE chassis and motor, extremely smooth, moderately lovely along small roads in the villages regardless of the driver needed to reverse due to an foolhardy car driver! It was bus BT63UUX which was new to Webberbus of Bridgewater in 2013 before heading to Simonds. I also noticed BN64CNY, an analogous variety but with the B8RLE chassis and that had its’ strip tattered near the rearmost wheel arch, probably due to hitting some bushes or something; that was brand-new as a demon, transferred to Arriva Shires area of Luton, transferred to Diamond North West, and now at Simonds in Diss. 
Interior of BT63UUX, you probably can see part of my finger. 

When into Bury St Edmunds, there were quite a few buses but couldn’t get all of them due to my battery at 30-odd%, so I did take quite a lot. Bus spotting around the Bury St Edmunds is quite decent for taking numerous buses and that, so spotted a couple of Mulley’s including YN54AHE which is an OmniCity saloon and new to Nottingham fleet 211; also noticed YN04GMU which is another OmniCity saloon and besides brand-new to Nottingham, but as fleet number 775. Turners of Great Barton also made a presence with their Mercedes-Benz, possibly an Unvi version which I had to make a rapid educated conjecture about this one, wasn’t 100% guaranteed. Before heading towards Stowmarket to collect my favourite bus company, First Ipswich, I noticed Wright-bodied Scania Solar K203UB and that used to be a demonstrator at one point and also demonstrated with municipal bus co-operation Ipswich Buses in 2009/10 era of earlier. 
Scania Solar with Wright-bodied

On a hard-seated Plaxton Pointer long dart, oh my word, a bit rattily, and I couldn’t wait until I got off the bus in Stowmarket, despite a nice driver, he managed to get the bus to its destination without making me heave pugnaciously., nonetheless, the bus 384 doesn’t stop at Bury Street, as the nearest stop is where the Duke of York used to be and now a Prezzo.

From there, it was Ipswich Reds back to Ipswich, Norwich Road where I collect Ipswich Buses. For the service which is 88, it just cruises along Needham Market, Claydon and into Ipswich, with no going around residential areas in Needham Market, Stowmarket, or around the Claydon, Edinburgh Way, it’s principally a direct service which calls at the areas lacking housing areas.

At Norwich Road, Ipswich, waited for the 9 back to Tower Ramparts which was obviously a Optare Tempo SR, get back to the bus station, it switches to a 13, then I glanced a “13 branded” going onto the 12 stand and a Mercedes Citaro onto the 15. On Saturday evenings, Ipswich Buses do have some outlandish goings-on.
- please note that some of the images are a bit distanced, please accept the apologies' -   

Wednesday 16 October 2019


Welcome to another blog post and I haven’t posted anything in a while, but first and foremost, Ipswich Buses have reduced their times dramatically on the Essex-bound routes and this has directly distraught some of the local residents who would have doctors’ appointments in villages where these poor people need to have alternative transport methods because of this reduction of the routes. Despite the disappointment, the only service which will call at Tattingstone and Bentley is the 15:45 departure from Ipswich; 08:05 departure from Langham, this will copiously influence the elderly residents or individuals who have professions in Ipswich.  

Saturday 19th October is where Simonds which is based in Diss will be interchanging the service from Galloway and theoretically returning from the dead as I dredge up when I was younger when Simonds had the Plaxton Primo which was ‘07’ and ‘57’regs; nonetheless in 2019, what will they employ, E200’s, MCV-bodied mated with Volvo B8RLE, who knows until the first departure on Saturday, regardless of I’ll be collecting the subsequent bus to Diss. 

Also on 19th October is when Ipswich Buses will be replacing Galloways 115/116 route between Ipswich & Framlingham via Cobbenham and Debenham

Due to recent mentioning’s in a Transport Society Journal, it has been said that Ipswich Buses be installing seatbelts on Lowlanders 55/6 and Darts 84/6; but they might have changed their minds in the last-minute verdict. Also noticed is that singular bus types like Optare Olympus 68; MCV 156, and E300 83 could be leaving the fleet as Ipswich Buses are rationalising their fleet in the nearer future.

Now Eastern Counties, now known as Ipswich Reds and in my personal judgement, I adore the newest livery despite of their old buses and ear-splitting engines which needs re-engined; although I unquestionably love First Ipswich because they’re pleasant to me and I am pleasant to them; though my friend claims one First Ipswich driver was impolite to him, just because my friend told the driver to hurry up!
All 58-plated Volvo B7RLE’s, long E200’s, 32651/2/4, 67406 have been painted into the newest scheme. Next to be repainted is 67773/32487; 69006 is apparently going to Norwich for the lilac line. 

No photos have been posted on this specific post, I’ll be doing another post next Wednesday with relations to the Simonds and a bit of a trip to Diss/Bury St Edmunds/Stowmarket/

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