Tuesday, 8 January 2019

The Changes, and other bits and bobs.

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

The previous post was about changes from the commercial manager of Ipswich Buses confirmed via email that there are some changes, to get larger vehicles out on routes during busy routes when the rush-hour. The main answer is a 'monoscopic' OK for the busy hospital route, the 5; normally, it would be a E200 doing the 5, but from 7th, it was a double-decker working.

Some other news which does include Ipswich Buses, this morning, I gained some news that Ipswich Buses isn't convinced if Leyland Atlantean 9 will be coming during the Summer Bus Tour 2019. 9 returned to the 2018 Summer Bus Tour during the last day of the extremely hot summer we had, but when we had rain on the eventual Wednesday before the last day of the Summer Bus Tour, 41 took over and IB claimed 9 had a failure when it didn't.

Also, First Ipswich are increasing bus tariffs later during the month of January (13th) and are persuading more customers to use their services using digital tickets; but the good broadcast is that they are freezing tariffs for weekly, monthly and annual tickets. The increase on a typical fare will rise to either 10p or 20p and that is the same of return journeys. The same procedure will also occur on Park & Ride services which operates between London Road P&R and Martlesham Heath P&R. 

Its certainly obvious that between the two main rivals of Ipswich Buses and First Ipswich have risen their fares as this is due to fuel rocketing through the roof, and wanting to invest in more environmentally and more fuel efficient diesel buses; it would be nice to have hybrid buses as well - even London are getting rid of some E400's which some are hybrid! 

And for First Ipswich, I don't think they'll get new buses anytime soon as they have 2003/5 B7TL's, 2005 B7RLE's, and 2008 B7RLE's, and a few E200's.
72, YN56NVD broken-down, awaitng for the spare bus

Ipswich Transport Museum update:

  • The floors are being grinded and will gain new coats of paint to look fresh for the official opening day on March 17th.
  • Dennis the bus is having a repaint from blue to green to match and identify the Ipswich Buses old colour scheme and new coated brown floor. 
  • 1880 Cambridge horse tram is almost accomplished but might not go on display on the main hall during the 2019 season, as we ain't certain as the museum would have to move half of the museum - its a 50/50 possibility. 
  • The hearse is receiving attention in the restoration hall.
  • The shop is to gain some extra shelves.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Changes to IB

I have been informed by the commercial manager of Ipswich Buses, that from 7th January 2019, bigger buses will be employed for the congested routes such as the 8 between Tower Ramparts and Whitehouse Asda for example as currently, there are loads standing throughout the busy times between 3:30pm and 5:00pm; hopefully, it'll be replaced by double-deckers. The same issue with the 9 and 10 routes presumably. 

Also there will be vehicle replacements and repaints/refurbs during 2019 which make the buses look more modern into the present-day scheme for the single-deck fleets such as the E200's. 

Also, Country fares will be increased on 2nd January, and it follows as:

7 Day Pass – £25
28 Day Pass – £85
6 Months – £450 (Shop)
Annual £850 – (Shop)
Under 20's
Under 5s – free
7 Day Pass – £16.50
28 Day Pass – £55
6 Months – £300 (Shop)
Annual – £550 (Shop)
Country Day tickets are also available on all rural routes, including travel to Colchester, Manningtree, Shotley and Hitcham (this also includes journeys on Ipswich Buses Town Routes).
Country Day Tickets
Adult – £8.50
Under 20’s – £5
Family – £15
(2 adults and 3 children or 1 adult and 4 children)

Updates will be added on 'Changes to IB' within weeks to come.  

Monday, 17 December 2018

Ipswich Transport Museum Refurb for 2019

As the Ipswich Transport Museum are revamping the museum, we hope this gives a different experience to old and new guests who visit the museum. We have moved the hearse to the restoration area so our engineers will look into its' issues. The Vauxhall Omega saloon police car has been moved to the front area of the museum alongside with the Ford pickup truck. 
Also the doors which are connected to a chain will be transformed to a 'button' operation to make it much more simpler to use instead of manually pulling and pulling. 
Leyland Atlantean 6 will hopefully be in usage for 2019 as its undergoing a new speedometer, and other bits and bobs. 
The shop will have a refurb; also the tearoom. 
This is going to take a tonne of effort to make this a 'nice place to be' for the customers and employees at the museum including myself. 
The floors will be repainted and will be the self-same colours.
Cambridge Horse Tram from 1880 will be on display in the main exhibit hall with Edwin the horse. 

And for news I have discovered: the Ipswich Transport Museum has been shortlisted for the tourism awards in 2019 for small visitor attractions within Norfolk and Suffolk!

for more information, please check the web 
I will place more blogs about the refurb in Jan. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Central Suffolk Bus Blog: X7 bus service and 60A service.

Central Suffolk Bus Blog: X7 bus service and 60A service.: On Monday, I decided to have a ride to Felixstowe on the improved timetabled X7 route which goes non-stop on the A14. I boarded the 11:0...

X7 bus service and 60A service.

On Monday, I decided to have a ride to Felixstowe on the improved timetabled X7 route which goes non-stop on the A14. I boarded the 11:00 service which just had a few passengers on and everyone obviously got off at Felixstowe including myself because the driver had a 10 minute break at Great Eastern Square which was a bit infuriating for a postponement but an admirable occasion to take a snapshot of the amended X7
69008, AU05DMV at Great Eastern Square

On the left, this is a snapshot of the occasion of a perfect image of a Wright Eclipse Urban / Volvo B7RLE at Great Eastern Square, Felixstowe. 
Although I took some more photo's throughout the day, I won't upload a great number on this specific publish; I took some at the next stop comprising Ipswich Buses' Optare Solo M950, 244, and that was very blurred due to the weather.

On the way back however, I took the self-same route back to Ipswich. It was a decent run to and from my destinations, but the disadvantage was that arrival to the station in Ipswich, the driver had 5 minutes before he could proceed; and was talking to another driver during the short break.
For the timetable for the Felixstowe services:Click Here 
Now back to the town routes in Ipswich served by Eastern Counties, they have amended the timetable to every 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes, so that's more greater. 
AU58FFM doing the 60A on Monday. 

The 60A replaces the 61, and evening services will do a route named 60E (E stands for evening)

For the timetable, please Click Here

Saturday, 17 November 2018

First Changes and IB fares goes up (and down)

In the past weeks, bus enthusiasts and standard customers have learnt that First Eastern Counties (Ipswich) are changing some of their services slightly. 

The current route 61 which serves between Tower Ramparts and Greenwich via Nacton Road (Holbrook Road), and from 18th November, this will become the 60A service and will no longer operate the loop around Sandyhill Lane and Robeck Road. The current 60 will become the self-same nonetheless this will will now operate a one-way loop via Clapgate Lane, Hossack Road, Shannon Road and Reynolds Road. Buses will no longer serve Mildmay Road and Boyton Road due to seriously nanoscopic quantities of passengers using the service in these areas.The 60E however will become evening services from 19:00 (Monday to Saturday) and 18:10 (Sundays and Bank Holidays), from Tower Ramparts. From Greenwich (Holbrook Road), 19:00 (Mondays to Saturdays), and 18:19 (Sundays and Bank Holidays).

For the Felixstowe services, the 76 and 77 will no longer serve Felixstowe Road, Cobham Road, and John Lewis and Waitrose, so they will be serving the self-same service as the standard 75 but they will not go into the actual hospital itself, so customers needing the hospital for general appointments will need to cross a congested road, substantially the customers who are in a wheelchair for example or an elderly person. 

However, the X7 will be increasing services which means more people would be able to get to Felixstowe much more quicker (unless the Orwell Bridge is closed). The X7 will begin from Old Cattle Market between 10:00 to 16:00 (every 60 minutes), and between 16:10, 16:40, 17:10 and 17:40 (every 30 minutes). No X7 services will run between Ipswich and Felixstowe or the other way round on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Now for Ipswich Buses, they are changing their fares which'll increase slightly from a standard fare from £2.00 to £2.10, but transfer tickets will suffer from £2.50 to £2.70 which sounds a lot for some passengers using the services provided by Ipswich Buses. 
The only good thing they have done is reduced the adult return tickets which raises on a leaflet. The bad news is that the town rovers will be increasing; a standard adult rover will cost £4.50, under 20 (required ID) £2.70, and a family ticket will cost £6 which is an increase of £1. 
- This changes on 25th November - 

I will be going to Felixstowe Monday to take some pictures of the increased X7 services and some in Ipswich. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Behind The Scenes - Ipswich Transport Museum

As I work at the Ipswich Transport Museum, as you’d know, we have restorations happening like the 1932 Bedford WLB, 1951 Morrison Electric Coal Lorry and the 1880 Cambridge Horse Tram is currently undergoing major reinstatement to return them into former glory to their original uniform.

As well as restoring buses, horse trams and Lorries, there are also other volunteers who do different stuff within the museum from IT staff to cleaners who’d sort and clean the vehicles to high-standard. Now I do cleaning on a weekly basis, so I predominantly clean the public transport area from Regents to Leyland’s, there needs to be something completed within the cleaning procedures or even sweeping with the errorless dustpan and brush – which is normal for me!

Also the Ipswich Transport Museum does visits from groups whether it could be schools, scouts or other related-groups which comprises a look-round the museum by one of the volunteers (who knows a lot) and he elucidates the commercials, engineering and buses within penetration. Mostly, on opening days, and event days, he commonly does a proficient commentary about the antiquity of the tram since brand-new to the ending of the tramways in Ipswich in 1963 – and when the Ipswich Transport Museum restored it from 1976 to its 1920’s condition.

Also within the ‘Priory Press’ (11th October), there is wording that there is a possibility that the Ipswich Transport Museum could be extended and already progressing slowly, not quick.

Back towards 1880, and the Cambridge Tram is doing brilliantly as its having restoration as we express, most of the exertion has been completed like stairs, downstairs internal work, steel wheels for the rails, vintage signage, doors connected, bells ringing and have been tested, outside lights are functioning, but the conclusion hasn’t been completed yet like handrails, the remainder of the seats which are wooden, and essentially that would it the end of its 5 to 6 year restoration mission done (if it’s done on-time for Christmas or the start of the new year). Well done to the squad for making the most of the effort of developing the very vintage tram, they need a vacation for their labour. 

As of 24th October, I took a few pictures of the Behind The Scenes. 

Underneath, these are the current restoration projects undergoing major refurbishment comprising the 1880 tram to the left is almost completed which raises 'Cambridge Street Tram' and is hopefully to be on display at Ipswich Transport Museum within 2019 or December 2018. 

To the right-hand-side, is the 1951 Morrisons Coal Electric Lorry which is undergoing major restoration and is to be completed within mid-2019 or 2020.
And the centre picture represents the Bedford WLB which should be completed within 2019 or 2020 and its from 1932, and it has now the dashboard with the instruments like the speedo, etc. 

And lastly, here is a image of ADX1 on the pits taken on the 24th October.