Wednesday, 10 July 2019


I haven't updated the blog for some time now, but welcome to another blog post which is associating repaints of the newest scheme of First Ipswich. One month ago was seen the first repaint which was E200 44517, (YX09ACY) which was painted in the newest livery but headed towards the MOT area which took longer then expected. The first one to actually come onto the route was 44519 on the new Shuttle 60s.

Also, currently, almost all long-based E200's have been painted into the modern livery, yes, it looks duplicated to the Cymru version in Wales. During the first week of July, Volvo B7RLE 69422 was painted but in 'Felixstowe Flyers' and was authentically spotted on the X7 on its first passenger service which the next day, it turned to the typical 75,76 and 77 routes. On Sunday 7th July, it was spotted on the Ipswich route 4 between Tower Ramparts and Bixley Farm.

(Reversing out of the Cattle Market on 5th July for the 13:40 to Felixstowe; also spotted on 4 route at St Augustine's) The next Volvo B7RLE/E200 to be repainted is 69426 and 44518. 

Similar spotting's with Ipswich Buses with repainted 81 and 82, possibly 78,79, or 80 to be next.
81 in new colours.

Yes, Ipswich Buses will do away with the white stripe now. 
Now, 6 & 7th July saw Carlton Carville do the 50th anniversary of Eastern Counties. Decided to collect the 10:17 service, as I didn't want to get there too early, unlike daft people who get trains around quarter to eight in the morning. Got to Lowestoft Central at 11:42 and bus Leyland National WAH587S which was new in 1977.

When got to the museum, saw the recently repainted Bristol VR OCK985K, which was new to Ribble in 1972 along with front-door Lodekka FLF NTW942C which was new in November 1965 and is currently displayed at the Canvey Island Transport Museum.

In the field, (which will be a new extension in the future), held some heritage-liveried buses from Eastern Counties from the modern era, selling things like stationary commodities such as pens displaying the P&R in Ipswich, also some people said they have seen destination blinds for sale, which is common. Even surprising to see was Delaine's 1995 Volvo Olympian which was doing some duties.

Also, trolleybuses and trams included a Blackpool Tram 11 which was built by Maley & Taunton with the bodywork done by English Electric, completed in 1939. Other buses included a pre-second world war bus from 1933 (VG5541 -  which is a open-topper and it was absolutely peeing it down with rain, which I didn't catch a cold which was strange as I was solitarily wearing a polo shirt and some black trousers. Ipswich Transport Museums' KNG374 and MAH744.

I also had a ride to Beccles on a 1959 Bristol MW5G with ECW-bodied, quite a nice bus to ride on, comfortable and had a chance to get in a photo! This was brand-new to Eastern Counties in May 1959 in Norwich, and since April 1985, it has been preserved by Eastern Transport Collection, very nice coach indeed!

At Beccles


Monday, 20 May 2019


Hello and welcome to another post of this bus blog. I am writing this blog on Monday 20th May at 22:20, and lets get down to buisness! First and foremost, Ipswich Buses Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses have recently been employed on the Chantry (Cambridge Drive) routes and is not a fantastic idea due to some tight corners along the route; OmniCity saloons were better to be honest! Now, the Mercedes buses is perhaps packed with premium motors and massive horses to power them (which makes them expensive), and one Saturday, a driver decided to give one of them a thrash up Birkfield Drive and that was OK. 
Mercedes 155 seen at Rail Station on May 9th

Today, on 20th May, Mercedes 155 was employed on the 13 route between Tower Ramparts and Tescos. 
Also, all Optare Tempo's have subsequently arrived and have been in service (apart from 92, which is having a issue), and have been branded for two predetermined routes and that is for 9 and 10 between Tower Ramparts and Castle Hill/Whitton and the other route is branded for the 13 between Tower Ramparts and Copdock Tesco's, now in my dedicated opinion, I am not a fan of the branding itself, because they are probably to head towards other routes such as the 3's for example. I remember the Scania OmniCity saloons branded for the 13 back in 2007 when they were state-of-the-art back then, and it wasn't long before one of them appeared on another route. And going back to Tempo SR's, each day, I look on to see which buses are on what route, and most recently, a frequency of them does a 4, 1, even a 3 in the mornings before heading towards their actual allocated route.

Before concluding this specific page, I would like to inform enthusiasts that Dennis Trident 8 has left the fleet and headed for a local scrapyard which is presumably Beestons. I seriously loved that Trident. RIP 8 (LX04FYB).  

8 getting prepared to be towed away by the DAF CF tow truck. 
44518 done the 66 on Monday 20th May!
And also, important notice that First E200's will be first to be repainted starting with 44517, and the next one is 44519 as I express. And one of them was allocated to the 66!

Sunday, 5 May 2019


These are the current Tempo SR's in service: 87,88,89,90,91,94,96,97,98, and 99. Whilst 92 and 93 are already getting prepared for service; but nobody has found 95 unless there is something wrong with it, I don't know, although I am writing this blog at 21:53 on Sunday 5th May. 

Latest withdrawls: 8,70,71,72,73,75,87,88,134,136,137, 244. Although Monday 6th May, more could be withdrawn from service. Another point could be that 84 and 135 be a spare bus if a Tempo SR is out-of-service. 

But the review of one Tempo SR. 6/10.
Boarded 99, YJ12GWU, one of the nice drivers who I commonly chitchat to, and the driver didn't actuall like the bus as he was protesting about hard drivers chair, back hurts because of it, and also the bells are exceedingly quiet. I'd rather be on a MCV Evolution to be honest. In my personal opinion, for a customer (well, enthusiast), was satisfactory as the whole engine was level-headed which is powered from Mercedes-Benz. 

Now some of these photos are actually from myself with 99 at Tower Ramparts alongside with an interior shot take at Copdock Tesco's. Also one of the photos was on a Saturday when Lowlander 58 was employed onto the 8 service. Also, recently, Versa 152 going through the Old Cattle Market bus station due to closure of Dogs Head Street.

Also a photo of Tempo SR 94 employed onto the 16 service which this done 1 trip only and returned to the depot, and the next time is came out was 2 days later. Also, Dart 137 seen on its last day service with Ipswich Buses on the 13, the remaining Dart is brother 135 which remains as a spare.

Also 84, which was the first bus to be painted in that livery with the 'Waterfront' signage on the window, it was taken on May 1st. 

Also with Ipswich Buses, their travel office has changed their timings for customers who usually comes in for assistance if required. Monday to Fridays: 09:00 to 12:30 - 13:00 to 17:00. Saturday is now between 10:00 and 14:00. 

And before finishing this blog, I have some news regarding First Ipswich. 44517 is to return from Lowestoft, and also thanks to a nice driver from First who I seemed to bumped into the local shop, she told me that 4 Enviro 300's are coming from Colchester Depot, so probably get rid of those 2005 buses which needs a bit of a steam clean and interior clean. Also no news on replacing the B7TL's. 

69011 done a quick detour via Tower Ramparts bus station as driver disremembered to go down Civic Drive when Museum Street was closed, but will 69011 leave the fleet (Taken 8th April), meanwhile, SN62AHV, 67736 could even join the Ipswich fleet. (Taken 9th April)

Wednesday, 17 April 2019


I have the current fleet list for the Ipswich Buses Optare Tempo SR's. 

87) YJ12 GWA 
88) YJ12 GWC 
89) YJ12 GWD 
90) YJ12 GWE 
91) YJ12 GWF 
92) YJ12 GWG 
93) YJ12 GWK 
94) YJ12 GWL 
95) YJ12 GWM 
96) YJ12 GWN 
97) YJ12 GWO 
98) YJ12 GWP
99) YJ12 GWU 

All of these buses are due within service after the Easter holidays as they need to be looked at before going onto a town service, and getting the branding of 'Ipswich Buses Taking You Places' which is plainly their latest eblem. At the moment (17th April), only 87, 88, 91, 94, 96, 98, and 99 are already here.

And in other news, Leyland Atlantean 9 has been sold you a new titleholder which was purchased at the tariff of £6,000 which is a bargain. 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Ipswich Observations and News

Hello and welcome to another post on this blog. First and foremost, Ipswich Buses' Tempo SR's have been arriving into the newest livery and have been spotted in the depot and also driver training commencing 2nd April 2019. Tempo SR's are unusual with only 17 been produced (13 for Trent Barton - now at Ipswich Buses - and some are still getting prepared) and also the remainder goes to Manchester Airport. 

Optare Tempo SR 99 doing driver trainng duties. (02/04/2019)
Monday, Optare Tempo SR 99, YJ12GWU has been doing fundamental driver training duties. When all Tempo SR's come into ceremonial service, they'll spontanously replace Darts (84/7/8) 85 will remain as a driver trainer which has replaced Excel 170. Lothian Darts 134/5/6 will also be leaving which 137 (SN53AVP) to remain as a spare.  

Over the weekend was quite interesting though as Lowlander 54 done an 8 duty for probable extra capacity due to the football - although Ipswich lost per usual. And it was also the weekend when First Eastern Counties done the 4 service which started a new-fangled contract for Bixley and didn't have a desination display. 

Also for Ipswich Buses, IB 77 (KX59GNY) will be leaving the fleet in September but currently has engine failure.

For the time being, I will get a Optare Tempo SR fleet list for Ipswich Buses as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

IB to Become Exact Fare

As a lot of you would know that municipal bus company Ipswich Buses to be 'Exact Fare' only scheme. Already, many customers ain't very pleased about this as many rely on the Credit Voucher which is ending and more information is here:

In my personal views, its a bad and good idea because more people have technological solutions when acquiring a typical bus ticket from contactless and Ipswich Buses smartcard and its a useful solution as its quicker and more competitive, but the only problem IB don't have is M-Tickets - unless they have something in mind for the upcoming months and years. The bad thing however, is that customers still pay by cash and change and that's the upmost issue - this could basically cause quarrels between bus driver and customer as this will cause delays to their services. 

Some other bus companies do this as well, Cardiff Bus, and probably some more bus companies. 

As an employee at the Ipswich Transport Museum, AEC Swift 82 has signs, 'Exact Fare Only, No Change Given' and also Leyland Atlantean 6 has also git the same signs, and will those signs be seen on Ipswich Buses. 

Monday, 11 February 2019

IB's second-hand purchases

As the previous post raised about brand-new purchases, this blog post will raise about second-hand buses. 

First thing is first, I remember Ipswich Buses opting for ex-London Buses which were Dennis Tridents and they were numbered between 64 and 67, and also 49 - which done the 192 if anyone would remember. Now I loved the classic Dennis Tridents because they had splendor in them and were quite comfortable for the passengers and the driver. However, they then decided to re-number them between 11 and 17 (LG02FCX/DC/F/J/K/N/EM). However, an additional two Dennis Tridents were opted and were numbered 20 and 21 (Y436/58NHK). That was years 2010 and 2012 if I had that memory that far. 

Also in 2011/2, Ipswich Buses opted for Dennis Darts SLF's which were predominantly for the X1, X3, X5 and Fab 4 - these were numbered 138 to 144 (Y262/71/72/73/02/92/94/95FJN) and these buses were shockingly comfortable but some of the legroom where the wheelarch was was so extremely crammed, it was awful.

In 2012, came the arrival for an ex-demo E300 SK07DYA which was on-loan to Ipswich Buses around 2008/9.  

The next second-hand orders were Optare Versa's V1110's and these were only for the P&R services between London Road Copdock and Martlesham Heath P&R, and these were very comfortable indeed - coach style! These were numbered 145 to 152 (YK08EPA/C/E/F/J/U/V) and were painted in a horrific light blue scheme, a darker blue would of been much more nicer. Nowadays, these are allocated on Ipswich Buses town services and painted in purple and green livery. 

In 2015, Ipswich Buses purchased from Scotland anf these were Plaxton Presidents and Super Pointer Dennis Darts, and these were numbered 23 to 25 (Presidents) and 134 - 137 (Darts). Today, President 25 can be seen doing route 15 and the route 914 on weekdays. 134, 135, and 137 have had replaced engines due to their failures and continue to have problems to this accurate day. 

September 2016 also came the arrival of E200 KX59GNY which was Premiere Travel which is based in Nottingham and ex-Dawsons bus and coach. 

Also, Ipswich Buses subidiary Carters have also got two Dennis Tridents 7 and 8, MCV Evolution 156, and did have a Volvo Olympian 42, but renumbered 29. They all do Essex routes still, but in IB's brand. 

And in February 2019, it has it that Optare Tempo's have been opted to replace the Optare Excels and potentially the Scottish Darts and Vykings. Don't know if this is Nottingham or Yellow Buses.

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