Monday, 11 February 2019

IB's second-hand purchases

As the previous post raised about brand-new purchases, this blog post will raise about second-hand buses. 

First thing is first, I remember Ipswich Buses opting for ex-London Buses which were Dennis Tridents and they were numbered between 64 and 67, and also 49 - which done the 192 if anyone would remember. Now I loved the classic Dennis Tridents because they had splendor in them and were quite comfortable for the passengers and the driver. However, they then decided to re-number them between 11 and 17 (LG02FCX/DC/F/J/K/N/EM). However, an additional two Dennis Tridents were opted and were numbered 20 and 21 (Y436/58NHK). That was years 2010 and 2012 if I had that memory that far. 

Also in 2011/2, Ipswich Buses opted for Dennis Darts SLF's which were predominantly for the X1, X3, X5 and Fab 4 - these were numbered 138 to 144 (Y262/71/72/73/02/92/94/95FJN) and these buses were shockingly comfortable but some of the legroom where the wheelarch was was so extremely crammed, it was awful.

In 2012, came the arrival for an ex-demo E300 SK07DYA which was on-loan to Ipswich Buses around 2008/9.  

The next second-hand orders were Optare Versa's V1110's and these were only for the P&R services between London Road Copdock and Martlesham Heath P&R, and these were very comfortable indeed - coach style! These were numbered 145 to 152 (YK08EPA/C/E/F/J/U/V) and were painted in a horrific light blue scheme, a darker blue would of been much more nicer. Nowadays, these are allocated on Ipswich Buses town services and painted in purple and green livery. 

In 2015, Ipswich Buses purchased from Scotland anf these were Plaxton Presidents and Super Pointer Dennis Darts, and these were numbered 23 to 25 (Presidents) and 134 - 137 (Darts). Today, President 25 can be seen doing route 15 and the route 914 on weekdays. 134, 135, and 137 have had replaced engines due to their failures and continue to have problems to this accurate day. 

September 2016 also came the arrival of E200 KX59GNY which was Premiere Travel which is based in Nottingham and ex-Dawsons bus and coach. 

Also, Ipswich Buses subidiary Carters have also got two Dennis Tridents 7 and 8, MCV Evolution 156, and did have a Volvo Olympian 42, but renumbered 29. They all do Essex routes still, but in IB's brand. 

And in February 2019, it has it that Optare Tempo's have been opted to replace the Optare Excels and potentially the Scottish Darts and Vykings. Don't know if this is Nottingham or Yellow Buses.

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