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Welcome to another post on the Central Suffolk Bus Blog, and as promised, I have another post with some photos.

On Saturday 19th October is when some changes came into force with Simonds and Ipswich Buses taking over Galloways routes of Diss and Debenham; with that, on Saturday, I collected the 09:20 departure in the direction of Diss which was a mid-size Enviro 200 with a fantastic bus driver which apparently used to work for Galloway European as he was telling the other passengers. The E200 I caught was MX13BAU which was brand-new to Padarn Bus with ceased operation in 2014 and based in Llanberis, Gwynedd which then the bus passed to Express Motors in 2014 and that besides ended operation in 2017 and based in Wales also, since then, the bus has a innovative operator since, Simonds of Diss, Norfolk. 
MX13BAU at Diss

From Ipswich to Diss, unquestionably fantastic trip including some of the chocolate-box settlements like Mendlesham for example, so much beautiful greenery and scenery at the identical time, it was a good journey, but I also did it before when Galloway done the route. Notwithstanding this decent trip to Norfolk, a dipstick told me that I wouldn’t have any connections when I arrive into Diss, and the answer was: yes there was, what the underworld are you talking about?

Arrival into Diss, I took a look around the town centre and had a quick look around Diss museum which is fantastic with all of the old beer bottles and yes, they were a bit expensive.

I boarded the 13:50 Simonds service to Bury St Edmunds which was a MCV=bodied mated with a Volvo B7RLE chassis and motor, extremely smooth, moderately lovely along small roads in the villages regardless of the driver needed to reverse due to an foolhardy car driver! It was bus BT63UUX which was new to Webberbus of Bridgewater in 2013 before heading to Simonds. I also noticed BN64CNY, an analogous variety but with the B8RLE chassis and that had its’ strip tattered near the rearmost wheel arch, probably due to hitting some bushes or something; that was brand-new as a demon, transferred to Arriva Shires area of Luton, transferred to Diamond North West, and now at Simonds in Diss. 
Interior of BT63UUX, you probably can see part of my finger. 

When into Bury St Edmunds, there were quite a few buses but couldn’t get all of them due to my battery at 30-odd%, so I did take quite a lot. Bus spotting around the Bury St Edmunds is quite decent for taking numerous buses and that, so spotted a couple of Mulley’s including YN54AHE which is an OmniCity saloon and new to Nottingham fleet 211; also noticed YN04GMU which is another OmniCity saloon and besides brand-new to Nottingham, but as fleet number 775. Turners of Great Barton also made a presence with their Mercedes-Benz, possibly an Unvi version which I had to make a rapid educated conjecture about this one, wasn’t 100% guaranteed. Before heading towards Stowmarket to collect my favourite bus company, First Ipswich, I noticed Wright-bodied Scania Solar K203UB and that used to be a demonstrator at one point and also demonstrated with municipal bus co-operation Ipswich Buses in 2009/10 era of earlier. 
Scania Solar with Wright-bodied

On a hard-seated Plaxton Pointer long dart, oh my word, a bit rattily, and I couldn’t wait until I got off the bus in Stowmarket, despite a nice driver, he managed to get the bus to its destination without making me heave pugnaciously., nonetheless, the bus 384 doesn’t stop at Bury Street, as the nearest stop is where the Duke of York used to be and now a Prezzo.

From there, it was Ipswich Reds back to Ipswich, Norwich Road where I collect Ipswich Buses. For the service which is 88, it just cruises along Needham Market, Claydon and into Ipswich, with no going around residential areas in Needham Market, Stowmarket, or around the Claydon, Edinburgh Way, it’s principally a direct service which calls at the areas lacking housing areas.

At Norwich Road, Ipswich, waited for the 9 back to Tower Ramparts which was obviously a Optare Tempo SR, get back to the bus station, it switches to a 13, then I glanced a “13 branded” going onto the 12 stand and a Mercedes Citaro onto the 15. On Saturday evenings, Ipswich Buses do have some outlandish goings-on.
- please note that some of the images are a bit distanced, please accept the apologies' -   

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