Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Local Bus News in Ipswich

Welcome to a blog, as I start with Ipswich Buses with murmurs. This is recent and these could be happening, more Mercedes-Benz Citaro could be arriving to the Ipswich Buses fleet to replace either of the following: Optare Versas or Daf Lowlanders/Scania OmniDekka buses. The news doesn’t stop there, also being recently said that Optare Olympus 68 could be leaving and it’s replacement might be a E400 MMC diesel. This could happen around May 2020 when it’s the corporations' 70th birthday of their first motor bus which is located at the Ipswich Transport Museum (ADX1 - 1950). Could these rumours be genuine as two people have said this, well, three to be speaking truthfully. 6 or even 9 Citaro buses from Knichbus, part of Trent.
More of these types!

Also, with more Ipswich Buses news is that no more repaints haven’t been happening freshly, due to lack of monies in their finances as a few buses require fresh new livery like the E200’s for example as they have mixed colors along the skirts, it needs to be freshened like 81 and 82. 

Plaxton President 25 has been sold at long last, which the duties has passed to Scania 60 for the morning/late-afternoon 914 and mid-morning/afternoon 15’s. Also trainer bus 85 has also left the fleet, with sisters 84/86. But Scottish Dart 137 still rides on the 97/111/116 services. 

For Eastern Counties, accident damage victim 32494 is in Great Yarmouth for stripping before scrapyard, whilst replacement bus 32475 has received 32494’s engine and gearbox which is apparently new; the bus will make an appearance in Ipswich in the coming weeks but in brand-new Ipswich Red’s scheme. 

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