Thursday, 7 May 2020


The first time I travelled on the brand-new intercity train was during February 2020, from Colchester to Ipswich, just a random day and thought it was a great opportunity to try a new intercity product. 

I boarded the cutting-edge Class 745 and first impressions were outstanding already even before I sat down, it ticked all boxes from door operation controls to instant acceleration and braking. First impression was the layout of the intercity train which was massive indeed with walk-through interiors which is splendid for lots of customers without touching buttons or those sensitive versions you'd find on the foregoing MK3's. 

Perhaps I have my personal opinion on contrasted things in trains nowadays - like other rail enthusiasts - the cafe bar area was a bit too small for my liking whereas the foregoing MK3's were picture-perfect for room and space for cafe bar employees serving drinks, confectionery to customers. 

A very long train which means lots more seats for customers, walk-through train and a new train. 

  1. Spacious train
  2. More seats
  3. Decent toilet space. 
  4. Adequate legroom.
  5. Automated capacity screens and destination screens on interior. 
  6. Instant acceleration and braking. 
  7. Easy walk-through
  8. Free WiFi - USB Sockets. 
  9. Decent sized luggage racks


  1. You tall enough to hit your head on overhead racks.
  2. Cafe bar is rather small. 
  3. If one of cars in faulty, whole train needs to be taken out. 
  4. Seats are a tiny bit firm, but not too bad.
  5. Bike space. 

Overall score: 8.3/10

Greater Anglia, very impressive!

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